Rightsizing expectations: U.S. policy options for Afghanistan by John R. Allen, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Tanvi Madan, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Bruce Riedel, Tarun Chhabra, and Bruce Jones, Brookings

Rightsizing expectations: U.S. policy options for Afghanistan

A glass half full: The rebalance, reassurance, and resolve in the U.S.-China strategic relationship (Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings)


A Syrian deadlock for years to come (Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings)

With Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest attempt to cooperate with Russia on a new strategy for Syria in tatters, and U.S.-Russian relations arguably even the worse for it, we need to face reality. Our policy in Syria is failing—not only because of President Obama’s unwillingness to deploy sufficient military means to the fight, but also because of the basic logic of our political strategy.

Election 2016: What does success in the Middle East look like for the next president? (Robert Einhorn, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Indira Lakshmanan, Brookings)

As part of the Brookings Election 2016 project, the Brookings Podcast Network brings you a special edition episode in which Indira Lakshamanan, columnist for the Boston Globe, moderates a conversation with Robert Einhorn, senior fellow in the Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiativeand former nuclear negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal, and Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow in Foreign Policy and co-director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence, who discuss how the next president can balance the dual goals of U.S. security and the protection of Syrian lives.