Abraaj Capital: The rise and fall of a Middle East star (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

While mega financial company scandals have taken the limelight in the past, with analysts wondering how bankers can be so gullible to extend multi-million loans based on pure name lending, the recent woes of Dubai-based Abraaj Capital have also shaken the closed knit Middle East community.


Will Merkel survive to lead an unwieldy coalition? (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

The recent Italian and Austrian elections have brought in populist parties and seem to be opening up cracks in the European Union, especially on immigration issues.


Italy: Back from the brink, for a while? (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

Once again the European Union and the future of the Eurozone seemed to be in a bit of suspense following the latest Italian elections and the problem of putting together a coalition government.


China and the EU: Will support to Iran be enough? (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

The decision by President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCOPA) nuclear pact has made both the EU and other signatory countries like China and Russia scramble to try and save the deal, but their life support packages are not certain to overcome the drastic US financial and trade curbs on complying companies.


The unintended unravelling of the OPEC pact agreement (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

The current OPEC plus agreement seems to be holding but the withdrawal of the US from the Iran nuclear deal has created some uncertainties going forward, with new red lines and slogans from all parties. Sometimes slogans can lead to far reaching consequences.


North Korea: China holds the key to a successful US agreement (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

Just like Russia seems to be holding the key as an arbitrator between warring parties like Iran and Israel in Syria , China is playing an important background role to get North Korea reach a successful outcome with the USA .


They came, they saw, and Trump conquered (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

They tried their best but with an unpredictable US President, nothing is certain. In turn, President Macron of France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to and went from Washington but the assessment of many is that President Trump was not moved either by an over extravagant show of affection from the French President or a more cooler and focused argument approach from Chancellor Merkel.


A new era of ‘petro–Yuan’ and its implications on dollar dominance (Mohamed A. Ramady, Al Arabiya)

For decades the US greenback dollar has dominated the international financial and trading system with few challengers, and not even the Euro has been able to assume as important a role as the US dollar.