Jordan emerges safely from its crisis (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

The participants at the Mecca Summit brought the curtain down on the economic crisis in Jordan. All bets which conspirators had made to harm Jordan and have it join the ranks of the Arab Spring states had failed. It was also proved, beyond any doubt, that the Qataris had, as usual, failed and did not gain anything after trying to separate Jordan from its traditional allies, led by Saudi Arabia, and make it join the Turkish-Iranian-Qatari alliance.

Gaza and the bitter harvest (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

In order to understand the extent of misery, suffering and the hardship which the Gazans suffer from under the rule of Hamas Islamists, you have to compare between their living conditions during the Israeli occupation from 1967 until the withdrawal in recent decades with their current living conditions

Collapse of mullahs’ state to bring down political Islamization (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

President Trump’s withdrawal from Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran did not come as a surprise. On the contrary, it would have been surprising if he had allowed the agreement to be extended and did not withdraw.

Qatar and the two Koreas’ experience (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

The Qataris say: Why don’t we take the two Koreas experience as a model and sit for dialogue and solve our problems as they did? Let us rationally address this comparison and its differences.

Killing of Saleh al-Sammad, the beginning of the end of our war in Yemen (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

The death of Saleh al-Sammad the president of the so-called Supreme Political Council of the Houthis in Yemen is, in my opinion, considered as the beginning of the Houthis’ end in Yemen. Killing this agent will weaken the Houthi fighters in the raging fronts, especially that the civil war there has recently witnessed several victories in favor of the legitimate forces and their allies on almost all fronts.

The future of Qatar after Hamad bin Khalifa (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

It is a generally acknowledged fact that Qatar does not have any strength or resilience factors that are worth mentioning. It’s a small state on the banks of the Gulf and it lacks the key elements of a state. It has virtually no history, a very small indigenous population and all of its culture and elements of life are derived from the fact that it shares a border with the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

Iranian ‘toman’ currently falls against the dollar (Mohammed Al Shaikh, Al Arabiya)

I strongly believe that it is only a matter of time before the Iranian Republic of Mullahs collapses because it is an underdeveloped polity of clerics that cannot cope with the civilized world or needs of modernity.