On the funeral in Sanaa, again (Mshari Al Thaydi, Al Arabiya)

The coalition’s statement regarding the raid on the al-Roweishan family funeral in Yemen is honest. It was issued right after the explosion occurred and stated that the coalition did not order air raids there, adding that “other causes behind the bombing are to be considered.”

False rumors and the future of conflict in Yemen (Mshari Al Thaydi, Al Arabiya)

Every now and then the question of when the war in Yemen will end is raised. There are various concerns that trigger this question. It could be keenness to usher in peace and start a political process to prevent bloodshed and protect people’s lives and property.

The ally, the enemy, and America in between (Mshari Al Thaydi, Al Arabiya)

Regarding the comparison between the Saudi presence in all aspects of American life and that of Iran, two news stories should be considered. The first is the US Senate paving the way for a $1.15 billion deal to sell tanks and other military equipment to Saudi Arabia. The Senate voted 71 to 27 to oppose legislation aimed at obstructing the deal.