Philanthropy & the humanitarian crisis in Northeast Nigeria (CSIS)

Nigeria’s philanthropists respond inconsistently to national crises. By examining the private sector’s robust Covid-19 pandemic intervention, this piece provides recommendations for a stronger multisectoral response to the humanitarian disaster in northeast Nigeria.

Out of Sight: Northeast Nigeria’s Humanitarian Crisis (CSIS)

Nigeria represents one of the United States’ most important relationships in Africa. Despite U.S. security sector and humanitarian assistance programs, ten years of violent insurgency in northeast Nigeria have led to massive humanitarian needs for more than seven million people, and the crisis shows no signs of abating. Ongoing restrictions by the government of Nigeria on humanitarian action threaten U.S. policy goals of improved humanitarian outcomes and a reduction in the presence of violent terrorist organizations.

Trump’s Travel Ban Benefits Only China (Project-Syndicate)

If the US wants to counter Chinese influence in Africa, greater engagement with Nigeria seems like a no-brainer. But, with its decision to include Africa’s largest economy in its expanded long-term travel ban, President Donald Trump’s administration is doing just the opposite.

Cobus van Staden is a senior foreign policy researcher at the South African Institute of International Affairs

U.S. Could Actually Use More Nigerian Immigrants (Bloomberg)

A new ban from the White House hits one of the most successfully integrated groups in the country.


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