Want a more equal society? Universal Basic Income might not be the policy you are looking for (Darren Baxter, openDemocracy)

The case for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) has rapidly become part of mainstream political debate. The Labour Party is actively considering the policy, in the US it was revealed Hillary Clinton almost included it as a manifesto pledge. Trials have recently begun across the world, including close to home in Scotland.


Public libraries are vital to local communities – Labour must fight to defend them (Alan Wylie, openDemocracy)

Libraries are being decimated by cuts, privatisation, de-skilling and a shift to ‘volunteerism’ and ‘generalism’. But those working in them being are told to deny there’s a crisis.


Straight talk on trade, international institutions, Greek austerity and inequality (James K.Galbraith, openDemocracy)

European austerity is a politics of power. It’s a banker protection racket. And the fact is, the strategy has now failed.


Girls at Dhabas: challenging issues of safety, or ‘respectability’ in urban Pakistan? (Natasha Ansari, openDemocracy)

“You need to understand,” I told the reporter. “These are baby steps, but important steps, for fuller participation in the public sphere.”