Revealed: US-linked anti-abortion centres ‘lie’ and ‘scare women’ across Latin America (openDemocracy)

Lawmakers in Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina demand action following “truly scandalous” misinformation revealed by openDemocracy.

Isabella Cota

Mexicans building a feminist Internet face challenges (openDemocracy)

The Olimpia law, though it is actually a modification to an existing law on women’s right to a life free of violence, the amendment is one of few legal initiatives in Mexico with grassroots origins.

Tamara Pearson

How openDemocracy is tracking anti-abortion misinformation around the world (openDemocracy)

Nine months ago, we began following the money of two US religious right groups. Then, we deployed our own global network – of feminist investigative journalists.

Claire ProvostNandini Archer

PREVENT and CVE usher in ‘whole society’ surveillance (openDemocracy)

Questions on Countering Violent Extremism cannot be confined to isolated issues, when this is the language through which states speak themselves today.
Azfar Shafi

Enduring the deep-rooted racialization of Roma (openDemocracy)

When Orban describes challenging segregation as a violation of “the people’s sense of justice”: where is the conscience of Hungarian, European, American, and other elite intellectuals?

Angéla Kóczé

Reimagining democratic public ownership for the twenty-first century (openDemocracy)

A new transatlantic project will explore how new models of public ownership can shape the emerging commanding heights of the economy.

Thomas HannaMathew Lawrence