Israel Chooses Identity Over Democracy (Project-Syndicate)

Israel’s new law stating that “the right to exercise national self-determination” in the country is “unique to the Jewish people” has been denounced for infringing on the rights of Arab Israelis. But the law’s real purpose may be more insidious: to ensure that Jewish Israelis remain in control, even if they become the minority.


Fresh Momentum for the Balkans (Project-Syndicate)

There can be little doubt that the last few decades have brought more frustration than progress to the Balkans. It would be ironic and deeply gratifying to see a region wracked by ethnic nationalism build bridges when so many others are building walls.


The Left Will Decide Poland’s Future (Project-Syndicate)

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party has long been the beneficiary of political infighting among the country’s divided opposition parties. But with important local, national, and European elections approaching, an emerging star on the Polish left could soon mount a credible challenge to the country’s populists.


Japan’s Successful Economic Model (Project-Syndicate)

Japan’s GDP growth lags most other developed economies, and will likely continue to do so as the population slowly declines. But what matters for human welfare is GDP per capita, and on this front, the country excels.


Good Politics, Bad Economics (Project-Syndicate)

Advocates of liberalism find it hard to accept that populist and authoritarian governments could ever formulate sound economic policies, and they often assume that “free markets” will always provide widespread prosperity and accountability. They’re mistaken on both counts.


Trump’s Currency Confusion Continues (Project-Syndicate)

Ever since the 2016 US presidential campaign, Donald Trump has falsely accused the Chinese of keeping the renminbi artificially weak. But the fact is that Trump’s own economic policies are driving up the value of dollar – an outcome that would have been foreseen by anyone with a basic understanding of economics.

MAD About Sino-American Trade (Project-Syndicate)

If China responds to Donald Trump’s latest trade tariffs by withholding intermediate goods from US producers, as some Chinese are suggesting, the disruption to the US economy would be severe. But the damage to China’s economy would be even worse.


Emerging Markets’ Shifting Bottom Line (Project-Syndicate)

Since the 2008 financial crisis, many emerging-market governments have gradually been building up resilience to external shocks and domestic volatility. For global investors, that means reconsidering many longstanding assumptions about emerging markets, while also assessing the new risks.


Hurricanes at the Ballot Box (Project-Syndicate)

The storm that smashed into the southeastern United States last week was another reminder that the window to counter the effects of climate change is closing. With extreme weather becoming more frequent, it is time for voters in the US and beyond to hold leaders accountable for their failure to cut carbon dioxide emissions.


The Trial of the Century (Project-Syndicate)

Will 21 young plaintiffs ultimately be able to persuade a conservative-dominated US Supreme Court that the federal government is violating their constitutional right to a livable planet? It depends on whether the Court is willing to heed the scientific evidence.