A Fork in the Road for Mexico (Graciana Del Castillo, Project-Syndicate)

The issue worrying almost half the Mexican electorate is whether the fork that the country just took will put it on the dictatorial and economically unsustainable path taken by Venezuela. But to indulge this fear is to misjudge Mexico’s new president.


The Economic Consequences of Trump’s Trade War (Barry Eichengreen, Project-Syndicate)

For those who observe that the economic and financial fallout from US President Donald Trump’s trade war has been surprisingly small, the best response is that a lagged effect is exactly what we should expect. Just wait.


We Need a Food Revolution (Bob Geldof, Project-Syndicate)

The Earth is 45 million centuries old, but this century is unique, because it is the first in which a species could destroy the entire basis of its own existence. Yet much of the world seems unbothered by this existential threat, refusing to build sustainable systems for survival.


Saving NATO From Trump (Ana Palacio, Project-Syndicate)

The upcoming NATO summit does not have to be a high-drama, make-or-break moment for the transatlantic alliance, as some have presented it. It can instead be a constructive meeting that emphasizes strengthening the foundations for defense – even if Donald Trump refuses to cooperate.


Trade, Technology, and Xi Jinping’s Question (Kaushik Basu, Project-Syndicate)

Despite unprecedented technology-enabled development, the world is beset with challenges, from violent conflict to rising inequality. The underlying reason for these problems may be that we have reached a turning point in the march of technological progress – and we are navigating it very badly.


The Decline and Fall of Brexit (Jacek Rostowski, Project-Syndicate)

With the clock ticking on Britain’s departure from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May’s “red lines” rule out an exit deal before this fall. The longer the standoff continues, the more likely a British political crisis will erupt, as the massive economic and social costs of crashing out of the bloc begin to sink in.


The Cognitive Limits of Lifelong Learning (Edoardo Campanella, Project-Syndicate)

To succeed in today’s fast-changing labor market, workers are expected to be agile lifelong learners, comfortable with continuous adaptation, and willing to move across industries. But addressing skills obsolescence requires overcoming high psychological and intellectual barriers.


Populism’s Corrupt Core (James A. Goldston, Project-Syndicate)

Corruption is both a cause and an effect of today’s populist surge around the world. From Hungary to Turkey to the United States, autocrats have won power by tapping into anger over violations of the public trust, only to feather their nests once in office.


America the Loser (J. Bradford DeLong, Project-Syndicate)

Donald Trump’s unhinged recent attacks on the iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson distill his larger assault on American democracy. Even if Democrats do manage to retake one or both houses of Congress this November, the damage that Trump and Republican leaders have done to the country’s global standing cannot be repaired.


Trump’s Psychopathology Is Getting Worse (Jrffrey D. Sachs, Bandy X. Lee, Project-Syndicate)

Most pundits interpret the US president’s outbursts as playing to his political base, or preening for the cameras, or blustering for the sake of striking future deals. In fact, Trump suffers from several psychological pathologies that render him a clear and present danger to the world.