Defusing the US-China Trade Conflict (Wing Thye Woo, Project-Syndicate)

The emerging Sino-American trade war was caused by structural flaws on both sides that long predate Donald Trump’s presidency. It also reflects the convergence of economic competition and national security concerns, against the background of the shift to a multipolar global order.

Kenya’s Perfect Storm (Michael Meyer, Project-Syndicate)

Annual rains have hit Kenya especially hard this year, causing havoc in the capital. But there is a silver lining amid the gloom: weather-related infrastructure challenges have pushed bureaucrats to tackle old issues like corruption and mismanagement with a renewed sense of urgency.

Mexico Gets Its Own Trump (Jorge G. Castañeda, Project-Syndicate)

Of the three main contenders in Mexico’s presidential election, none was as ill-prepared as the winner, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to manage the bully in the White House. Now Mexicans will have to face the consequences of their choice, just as their country – more than most – must face the consequences of Americans’ choice in 2016.–castaneda-2018-07

Tanzania’s Illiberal Tilt (Teldah Mawarire, Project-Syndicate)

Immediately after his 2015 election, Tanzanian President John Magufuli appeared poised to lead one of Africa’s most stable democracies to a bright future. Instead, he has launched an intensifying campaign of repression against journalists, human rights activists, and civil-society organizations.

AMLO and Mexican Democracy (Andrés Velasco, Project-Syndicate)

Mexico is already a deeply polarized country, so the last thing it needs is a president who practices a politics of division, however fiscally prudent he may be. But that is almost certainly what it will get when, as seems likely, voters elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador on July 1.

Trump’s Child Hostages (Elizabeth Drew, Project-Syndicate)

US President Donald Trump thinks that anti-immigrant rhetoric, with which he began his presidential campaign in June 2015, is what brought him victory, and that it will work again in November’s midterm congressional elections and when runs again in 2020. He might be right.

Trump’s Weak Case Against China (Yu Yongding, Yongding Yu, Project-Syndicate)

US President Donald Trump’s administration has based its decision to impose trade tariffs on China, and risk a broadly catastrophic trade war, on a report that does not stand up to scrutiny. The decision, it seems clear, was made before the report was even written.

When Politics Trumps Economics (Stephen S. Roach, Project-Syndicate)

The Trump administration seems to believe that America has reached a propitious moment in the economic cycle to play power politics. But can this approach offset the increasingly tenuous fundamentals of a saving-short US economy that continues to account for a disproportionate share of global military spending?–roach-2018-06

Mini-Grids for Rural Growth (Jessica Stephens, Sidhartha Vermani, Project-Syndicate)

One of the best ways to bring electric power to millions in the Global South is to invest more in “mini-grids” – small, localized power plants and distribution networks that can cheaply serve remote communities. But for power generation to go small, big changes will be needed.

The End of Global Britain (Mark Malloch-Brown, Project-Syndicate)

In the two years since the Brexit referendum, the United Kingdom’s global influence has been significantly diminished. A country that once punched above its weight in international affairs now only punches down, and Brexiteers’ aspiration to lead the vast “Anglosphere” into a brave new world has become a comical delusion.