USA – People with Developmental Disabilities Were Promised Help. Instead, They Face Delays and Denials (ProPublica)

by Amy Silverman for Arizona Daily Star, with data analysis by Alex DevoidArizona Daily Star

A Doctor Went to His Own Employer for a COVID-19 Antibody Test. It Cost $10,984 (PROPUBLICA)

Physicians Premier ER charged Dr. Zachary Sussman’s insurance $10,984 for his COVID-19 antibody test even though Sussman worked for the chain and knows the testing materials only cost about $8. Even more surprising: The insurer paid in full.

Marshall Allen

Facebook’s Political Ad Ban Also Threatens Ability to Spread Accurate Information on How to Vote (PROPUBLICA)

Two months out from Election Day, Facebook’s changes to its political ad rules cause additional problems for the government officials running the vote.

by Jeremy B. Merrill