Russia’s New Ideocracy (Project-Syndicate)

Under Putinism, Russia is ruled by a sanctified minority that propels the country toward some goal that is fully known only to them. Whatever that goal turns out to be, neither the rule of law nor the hopes of the Russian people is likely to be any match for it.

Dmitry Oreshkin, an independent political analyst based in Moscow, is the author of Dzhugashvili and the Soviet Statistical Epic.

La Russie de Poutine, bienvenue en « démocrature » (IFRI)

Avec son président élu et réélu, la Russie a toutes les apparences d’une démocratie. Pourtant il ne fait pas bon y être dans l’opposition, les écarts de richesse y sont abyssaux et la corruption endémique. C’est ce que chronique l’écrivain et journaliste polyglotte Dmitry Glukhovsky dans son dernier ouvrage « Texto ».

Tatiana KASTOUEVA-JEAN, interviewée par Pierrick Fay dans l’émission La Story pour Les Echos

Dangerous Liaisons: Russian Cooperation with Iran in Syria (CSIS)

As tensions escalate between the United States and Iran in the Middle East, Russia is engaged in covert and overt cooperation with Iran in ways that undermine U.S. national security interests. This analysis of commercial satellite imagery at Tiyas Airbase in Syria indicates the scope and proximity of Russian and Iranian military ties. If Washington wants to contain Tehran and prevent further Iranian expansion, U.S. policymakers will need to increase pressure on Moscow to curb Tehran’s activites in countries like Syria.

China, Russia and US define world order (Global Times)

In terms of global strategic architecture, China, Russia, and the US are crucial to the world. How can Beijing and Moscow deepen cooperation? How will the 2020 US presidential elections affect Russia-US ties? Global Times (GT) reporter Lu Yuanzhi talked to Andrey Kortunov (Kortunov), director general of the Russian International Affairs Council, on these issues at the sidelines of the Eighth World Peace Forum held in Beijing recently.


The Minsk Agreements Rest on Incompatible Views of Sovereignty (Chatham House)

Implementing the agreements to end the war in eastern Ukraine means that either Ukraine’s view must prevail, or Russia’s view must prevail. Western governments should be unequivocal in their defence of Ukraine’s.

Duncan Allan

Domestic and International Considerations Hamper Development of Russo-Chinese Rail Links (The Jamestown Foundation)

The common desire of Moscow and Beijing to develop railways linking Asia with Europe is not making as much progress as the two parties had hoped or as many had expected. This is due in part to international concerns involving third countries, including the Central Asian states, but it mostly stems from domestic political considerations inside Russia.