Hodeidah: Cutting the head of the snake (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

The suffering of 700,000 Yemenis living in Hodeidah will end as soon as their city is liberated by the rapid advance of the legitimate Yemeni forces, supported by the Arab coalition. The coalition managed in a short period of time in capturing Hodeidah airport on Saturday, which is an important strategic step in its mission to liberate the province’s main port.


Qatar: A year of isolation (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

Qatar completed yesterday the first year of the diplomatic boycott imposed on it by four Arab countries over its support of terrorism and rapprochement with Iran in a manner that harms its neighbors. Throughout that year, Qatar did not cease its attempts to restore some sense of normalcy.


Two-face traders exploiting Palestinian bloodshed (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

Washington’s decision to transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem, without any concessions from the Israeli government in exchange was an unfair move and a huge mistake.


Noose tightens around Qatar (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

In June last year and days before Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain announced their decision to sever ties with Qatar, US President Donald Trump said that he had agreed with his secretary of state and military commanders on the need for Doha to cut its terrorism funding. “It is time to call on Qatar to stop supporting terrorism,” he said at the time.


Withdrawal from the deal weakens chances of war (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

Former US President Barack Obama used to view Iran as a “complicated country – just like we are a complicated country.” His successor, Donald Trump, believes that the Iranian regime is an “exporter of evil.” Developments have proven that the former was wrong.


The soft power of Mohamed Salah (Salman al-Dosary, Al Arabiya)

He surprised everyone as if he came from another planet. The best player in the English Premier League. The top scorer in the world’s strongest league in his return season to England. The top scorer in all five major leagues, surpassing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo.