Digital Asia links: ode to the Belt n’ Road, rumour quasher, more (Sarah Logan, The Interpreter)

WeChat has built a mini-program into its social messaging application dedicated to refuting “rumours”, including postings on topics such as the disappearance of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 in 2014 and “cures” for cancer. This is part of an overall effort to “safeguard cybersecurity”, according to a report released on Friday by an institute run by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. By the end of 2017, the program had quashed “rumours” promulgated by more than 19.7 million users.

5G dreaming (Sarah Logan, The Interpreter)

Do you dream of the day you can download a full movie to your phone in under two seconds? Or of the day you can set up your fridge to order your groceries? What about the day a renewable energy system can detect fluctuations in usage and respond immediately via extraordinarily fast data flows? Perhaps you just want to game your days away in a world-class VR facility?