Iran, the Gulf and European relations (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

It has become necessary that Gulf States put pressure on the Europeans so they understand that their interests in the Gulf are much higher than the losses they think they may suffer if they choose to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Europe should worry about its interests with us (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

The three European countries, Britain, France and Germany, are racing to reassure Iran that they are committed to the nuclear agreement and to offer guarantees that the deal will remain in place because, as they put it, it is important for their “shared security.”

Hope fades for Qatar’s long wait (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

It’s been more than a week since US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Saudi Arabia. He has returned to the US after being reassured that the support his country needs from Gulf countries, whether it’s logistical or military, is available to maintain regional security without a need to end the boycott with Qatar.

The uprising of Arab dignity (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

Just like what happened in Lebanon, the candidates of pro-Iranian parties in Iraq have begun to pay huge prices for keeping their positions of influence in their electoral seats after there haven’t been any rivals for years.

Iran’s expansionist project eyes North Africa (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

We should know that Iran is not an ordinary state in the conventional sense of the term. We must not be deceived if some of its cabinet members speak English or if Iran has a wing described as “moderate,” as the regime does not acknowledge international agreements and conventions and does not acknowledge the sovereign borders between it and others.

Sense of denial in Bahrain could prove dangerous (Sawsan Al Shaer, Al Arabiya)

Many people ignited the fire in 2011 in Bahrain across several areas. Justice has dealt with most of them, while the rest have gone silent and are no longer heard. The Bahraini society thought that the situation has calmed down and that each person has gone his own way to work and rebuild. Thank God that good sense has prevailed for the sake of the homeland and national unity.