Xi Jinping’s China needs a foreign policy worthy of the ‘Asian century’ (SCMP)

Beijing should leave the painful past behind and rise above Western demonisation to seize China’s moment in history. A rethink of its aggressive foreign policy, over-the-top propaganda and tight grip on Hong Kong and Taiwan is in order


Tom Plate

What Wuhan’s frontline medical workers can teach the world about the Covid-19 mental health battle (SCMP)

  • The war against Covid-19 has left many Chinese health care workers suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia and distress
  • Support from coworkers and the wider community provided a lifeline during the darkest of times


Siqi Xiao and Yue Qian


Why China’s post-lockdown recovery won’t work as a test case for reopening Europe and America (SCMP)

In China, landlords and occupiers are taking stringent measures to help workers return safely. But many of the health and safety protocols enforced in China are much more difficult to implement in economies that value privacy


Nicholas Spiro

Mainlandisation? Before the Communist era, Hong Kong and China societies were the same in all but government (SCMP)

The controversial term has come to mean an erosion of Hong Kong freedoms but not so long ago, the two cultures would have been indistinguishable


Jason Wordie

China’s coronavirus aid is not motivated by a desire for global leadership (SCMP)

  • Contrary to what some others may think, Beijing does not seek to replace Western powers or become a ‘global saviour’ in the fight against Covid-19
  • Humanitarian aid can be China’s contribution to the world, as befits its capability and in accordance with its foreign policy principle of non-interference


Zhou Bo

US tactics to deny China a role in the Arctic are welcomed by no one but itself (SCMP)

  • Washington’s mischaracterisation of Beijing’s intentions is the basis for moves to increase US’ presence in Arctic and lean on allies to undermine China’s
  • However, public opinion in the region largely welcomes Chinese participation in scientific endeavours and infrastructure development


Donald Gasper

Coronavirus in Hong Kong: the government must come through for the jobless (SCMP)

The government has been protecting employers against the Covid-19 fallout, but it should help the unemployed and underemployed too. One way is to offer unemployment insurance, as other advanced economies are doing


Kalina Tsang

No one is safe from the coronavirus until all are safe. That’s why Europe and China must help Africa (SCMP)

  • After the US defunded the WHO, the European Investment Bank has stepped up to help Africa
  • Africa is strategically important to China, and Beijing must realise that times like these require trade-offs between its national goals and the global good


Winston Mok

Coronavirus: why Asia will win the race to economic recovery (SCMP)

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed structural weaknesses in the way we go about things, meaning new economic strategies are needed
  • Countries that can emerge from the crisis to a new normal and with the least amount of new government debt are the likely winners


Neil Newman

For Hong Kong protesters, the right thing to do for the city now is stay at home (SCMP)

Following months of protests, Hongkongers have forged a fragile unity during the coronavirus pandemic. The city simply cannot afford more protests and disunity, when it still needs to keep case numbers down and revive the economy


Lin Nguyen