Hongkongers feel betrayed by the system. Here are eight ways for the city to find hope again (South China Morning Post)

Hong Kong is not alone in facing problems, beginning with widening inequality and middle-class stagnation. In times of distress, we must seek ways to secure our future as a critically important city


David Dodwell

US may still get another chance of a denuclearisation deal with North Korea this year (South China Morning Post)

  • Positive noises from Pyongyang’s foreign vice-minister and Donald Trump’s sacking of John Bolton bode well for progress
  • However, it was a mistake for Trump to express openness to another summit with Kim Jong-un before making diplomatic progress


Ankit Panda

Hong Kong’s protesters can’t count on Donald Trump – he wants Asia to solve its own problems (South China Morning Post)

Just as some young protesters have adopted the American flag as a symbol of their hopes, US Asia policy is changing. If the Trump administration’s stance on Korea is any indication, he will keep a hands-off approach to Hong Kong


Brian P. Klein

The London Stock Exchange was wrong to reject Hong Kong’s US$36.6 billion offer. It needs to think bigger or risk being left behind (South China Morning Post)

In rebuffing HKEX’s bid, the London Stock Exchange has failed to consider the role it could play as a funding centre for China’s belt and road. If Brexit happens and its position is diminished as a result, attitudes may well change


Anthony Rowley

Hong Kong’s unrest is a vote of no confidence in the opposition. Pan-democrats must get out of their rut (South China Morning Post)

When pan-democrats lost two seats in 2018, some chalked it up to a changing political environment. The truth is that if the opposition wasn’t so dysfunctional, protesters wouldn’t be taking matters into their own hands in the streets


Alice Wu

Politics, among other concerns, stands in the way of HKEX’s bid for the London Stock Exchange (South China Morning Post)

Stock exchanges trying to stay competitive in the wake of technological advances and structural changes may have profit on their mind, but they should expect regulatory and geopolitical considerations to take precedence


Andrew Sheng

A Bubble Tea Summit brings together pro-Hong Kong and pro-China protesters in Vancouver (South China Morning Post)

  • The rivals sat together for almost three hours, trying to understand how the other came to such wildly different views about Hong Kong’s protests to their own
  • Their conversation shows how personal and family histories cast the same events during the unrest in very different light


Ian Young

Hong Kong’s protests are just the tip of the iceberg: capitalism is in crisis across the globe (South China Morning Post)

The effects of ‘shareholder capitalism’, which prioritises profit, can be seen around the world, including in the dissatisfaction of Hongkongers. Can a responsible new business model, championed by leading US corporations, be a turning point?


K. K. Tse

From the trade war to Brexit and the Hong Kong turmoil, simmering political issues remain a threat to global growth (South China Morning Post)

Recent positive developments in some of the major issues weighing on markets, including the US-China trade war and Hong Kong’s protests, offer a welcome respite. But economic fundamentals remain weak and policymakers’ toolboxes are limited


Patrik Schowitz

Anti-government protests wreaking havoc on Hong Kong sport but is worse to come? Hong Kong Sevens, marathon and International Races could be hit (South China Morning Post)

  • Visitor numbers to the city have nosedived, raising concerns over some of the biggest events
  • Hong Kong Tennis Open has been postponed, with ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup and Asian Aquathlon Championships cancelled because of safety worries


Jonathan White