From the US-China trade war to Trump’s impeachment inquiry and Brexit, record levels of political uncertainty are battering the global economy (South China Morning Post)

Geopolitical tensions and rising protectionism are pushing global uncertainty indices to, or near to, record highs, leaving world economic growth and trade teetering on a knife edge

Cary Huang

In a world where the US dollar dominates, China must strike back by enhancing the yuan’s international appeal (South China Morning Post)

  • Washington has the dollar and powerful legislation at its disposal, and can make life difficult for countries just by denying them access to the US financial system
  • Beijing needs to step up the pace of RMB internationalisation, to mitigate the risks to the Chinese economy

Neal Kimberley

Whether fighting climate change, promoting scientific discovery or pursuing economic stability, China should act like a transparent global power (South China Morning Post)

China has not only restored its traditional position at the head of the Asian order but has become a truly global power. However, this status carries with it certain responsibilities and expectations, including being transparent and open

Andrei Lungu

Hong Kong is being dragged into the US-China trade war when it should be a bystander (South China Morning Post)

Hong Kong’s protests have given it international prominence but the city – and its special economic status with the US – should not become a weapon in the US trade conflict with China

Bernard Chan

Why invoking Hong Kong’s oppressive, outdated Emergency Regulations Ordinance won’t stop the protest violence (South China Morning Post)

  • Existing laws already give the government broad powers to ban assemblies, introduce curfews, and protect the airport and MTR stations
  • Invoking draconian emergency powers to push through a controversial anti-mask law or ban social media is likely to contravene Hong Kong’s Bill of Rights and only deepen the mistrust of authority

C.M. Chan

Sudden shift in the normally calm US cash markets doesn’t signal a new credit crunch (South China Morning Post)

The recent ‘pipe blockage’ in the US financial system caused fears of a bigger problem with the Fed’s balance sheet. But, sometimes supply and demand don’t match and, on this occasion, the mismatch was simply greater than expected and was fixed

Kerry Craig

Under ‘one world, two systems’, US companies that stay in China must evolve (South China Morning Post)

More US companies are staying in China than are deciding to leave, despite Donald Trump’s trade war rhetoric. But there is an increasing need to devise different strategies, as China’s market conditions become more sophisticated and unique

Edward TseBill Russo

Hong Kong still has the edge over Shenzhen and other Chinese cities, despite the protests (South China Morning Post)

  • Any plan to sideline the defiant former British colony ignores the central role the financial hub plays for China’s economy
  • Its rule of law and various freedoms, attributes of an open economy, have become even more valuable now amid the US-China trade war

Cary Huang

Controversial lawmaker Junius Ho holds Hong Kong racing hostage – and there are no winners (South China Morning Post)

  • The pro-establishment politician creates a chaotic situation that puts the Jockey Club between a rock and a hard place
  • Given the precedence and likely sentiment, is the Chinese National Day meeting on October 1 in doubt too?

Tom Biddington

Hong Kong’s protesters can’t count on Donald Trump – he wants Asia to solve its own problems (South China Morning Post)

Just as some young protesters have adopted the American flag as a symbol of their hopes, US Asia policy is changing. If the Trump administration’s stance on Korea is any indication, he will keep a hands-off approach to Hong Kong

Brian P. Klein