Loosened monetary policy will lead to opportunities in Asia-Pacific real estate (South China Morning Post)

  • Monetary policy is expected to stay very supportive through to the end of 2020
  • Supportive financial conditions should, however, not be taken as a catalyst for more aggressive investing


Harry Tan

To Beijing, the Hong Kong protest unrest is now a threat on a national level (South China Morning Post)

  • The unrest must stop. This is no longer just about Hong Kong but a matter of China’s national sovereignty and security. For Hongkongers to ignore Beijing’s messages or shrug them off is a big mistake


Bernard Chan

Hong Kong is irreplaceable for China. That’s why the PLA hasn’t rolled in yet (South China Morning Post)

  • Hong Kong is still China’s critical gateway to multinational capital, and mainland banks, now worth US$1.2 trillion, hold overseas assets concentrated in the city. China simply can’t afford to destroy Hong Kong’s commercial freedoms


Richard Harris

China and the US should be wary of the historical parallels with 1914 (South China Morning Post)

  • A catalyst setting a rising power and its allies against an entrenched power in a bloody conflict where no one wins? It happened last century in Europe, and could again if Beijing cracks down hard on Hong Kong


Phil C. W. Chan

Niklas Swanström

For investors, Donald Trump’s tweets just sow confusion. In the trade war with China, they undermine his own position (South China Morning Post)

  • The president’s Twitter missives make news, but their erratic musings also make for confusion about US policy direction
  • Even his negotiating partners in Beijing are starting to realise that such ramblings reveal he won’t honour any deal


Nicholas Spiro

It’s bananas: global food crisis warning that the Asia-Pacific can’t afford to ignore (South China Morning Post)

  • The deadly Panama disease fungus has arrived in South America, threatening the world banana trade and highlighting species vulnerability amid climate change
  • The Cavendish banana is in the vanguard of a food security challenge that can only get more severe. Apec food ministers’ silence on this in Chile was inexplicable


David Dodwell

How to help children avoid cyber risks and thrive in an online world (Sophia Lam, South China Morning Post, World Economic Forum)

As the number of digital risks children are exposed to continues to grow, DQ offers a way to equip kids with the skills needed to cope successfully