Is Spain doing well or badly in its response to COVID-19? (Elcano Royal Institute)

Comparisons are odious, as the saying goes, and yet we all like making them. In fact, we like them so much that drawing comparisons has become a way of gaining visibility in the media and social networks, a way of claiming a place in the world and even, sometimes, a way of making a living.

Deradicalisation Programmes in Spanish Prisons: A Flawed Paradigm? (Royal United Services Institute)

Media reports from Spain appear to indicate that the country’s counter-radicalisation efforts among prison inmates are not producing results. Spain is not unique in grappling with both the management of its counter-radicalisation efforts and measuring their outcomes.

James Khalil

The great Spanish hope: reflections on the 2016 Podemos party conference in Madrid (Ellie Mae O’Hagan, openDemocracy)

At first glance, Universidad de Podemos feels like any other rag tag left-wing meeting. But it’s when you dig deeper that the differences reveal themselves.