Fistfighting in the Himalayas: India and China Go Another Round (The Heritage Foundation)

China and India were at it again this month. According to Indian news reports, border patrols from both countries have been involved in a series of incidents along their disputed boundary in recent weeks, including a pair of confrontations in early May that devolved into fisticuffs.

Jeff M. Smith

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Public Policy Solutions (The Heritage Fondation)

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, The Heritage Foundation offers expertise in a wide range of policy areas. We analyze the latest developments and formulate policy solutions based on these principles. Heritage convened the National Coronavirus Recovery Commission to make recommendations for state and local governments, the Trump administration, Congress, and the private sector. Learn more at

Behold the Left’s Manufactured Hysteria About GOP Obstruction of Judicial Nominees (Hans A. von Spakovsky, The Heritage Foundation)