Film Review: Brexit: The Uncivil War (The Interpreter)

A workable divorce deal hasn’t even been inked, yet already one of the most seismic episodes in British political history has been scripted, dramatised, and broadcast to an audience languishing in the deadlock of its aftermath.

Matthew O’Neil

Not only China, Tsai Ing-wen must master the politics of pork (The Interpreter)

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen faces a re-election battle in 2020 and needs a big economic win to bolster her chances. A bilateral investment treaty with the US would help, and joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPATPP) being promoted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be ideal.

William Sharp

Getting a better outcome from the second Trump-Kim summit (The Interpreter)

If press reports are accurate, US President Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un will again meet this month. They met for the first time last June in Singapore. Rumour suggests this meeting will be in Vietnam.

Robert E Kelly

Will a sugar tax solve Southeast Asia’s growing diabetes problem? (The Interpreter)

Health has always been a major public issue for Southeast Asian countries, but only in recent years has it become a priority for policy-makers due to an emerging understanding of its social and economic costs.

Madeleine Randell

Giving Australia a sporting chance (The Interpreter)

If cultural dynamism and persuasion can trump military might, as the adherents of soft power would have it, the South Pacific is the place to see this played out. Pacific island nations face choices like never before as China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and France seek to exert regional influence.

Jonathan Prosser

US, Taliban, Afghanistan peace talks: Timing is critical (The Interpreter)

The Taliban and the US have agreed, in principle, on a peace framework that will ensure the Taliban part ways with international terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda leading to a possible withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. The negotiations also focused on a comprehensive ceasefire and peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Mohib Iqbal

WhatsApp targets fake news in lead-up to Indonesian elections (The Interpreter)

In a bid to combat the scourge of misinformation, the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is now placing a ceiling on the number of recipients to whom users can forward messages.

Jennifer Yang Hui