Iran Is Ready for the Next Great War in the Middle East (The National Interest)

Tehran has the initiative to attack from the direction of its choosing—or several directions simultaneously—while confronting defenders with the Sisyphean task of providing 360-degree protection.

by Jonathan Ruhe

The Crown Prince of Iran Pitches Regime Change to Washington (The National Interest)

The neoconservative Hudson Institute hosted the son of Iran’s late Shah. He painted a picture of Iran on the brink of collapse—and presented a plan to manage the coming “implosion” with a “minimum of casualties.”

by Matthew Petti

The Simple Reason Why America Could Lose the Next Cold War to Russia or China (The National Interest)

To win the new Cold War, the United States must tap its private-sector technological superiority. Victory is not possible, however, if the Pentagon continues to rely on antiquated, clunky, and counterproductive processes.

by Michael Rubin

China’s Long History of Punishing People Who Didn’t Commit Crimes (The National Interest)

Beijing’s part-time hobbies include building “silk” roads and arbitrarily detaining foreign nationals.

by Mark Fitzpatrick

The U.S.-China Relationship Is At a Crossroads (The National Interest) (The National Interest)

If tensions between the United States and North Korea bubbled up to the surface circa 2017, would Trump consider the option to take out a member of the North’s senior military or political leadership? Would one of those targets be Kim Jong-un himself?

by Daniel R. DePetris

The U.S.-China Relationship Is At a Crossroads (The National Interest)

Some decoupling of interdependence is likely, particularly in areas related to technology that directly affect national security. But will Washington and Beijing go too far?

by Joseph S. Nye Jr

Susan Rice Wants Congress to Have the War Powers It Was Denied in 2011 (The National Interest)

Rice said that she would “ban foreign policy by tweet” and restore regular press briefings.

by Matthew Petti

The U.S. Military Is Now Occupying Iraq. Its Time To Leave (The National Interest)

The administration’s current stubborn insistence on keeping American troops in Iraq exhibits several damaging patterns of thought.

by Paul R. Pillar

Make Data Safe Again: How to Tackle Dangerous Hackers (The National Interest)

Porous firewalls and after-the-fact hack-notifying dashboards have failed time and time again. With or without federal support, companies need to pursue alternative manners to protect and track their data.

by Caspian Tavallali