North Korea and Russia: Just How Close? (The National Interest)

From the author: North Korea’s extensive economic ties with China are well-documented and frequently discussed, but there has been a tendency to underestimate just how severely the international sanctions regime is leaking from the north. If nothing else, the experience of the past decade demonstrates that active Russian participation and goodwill is crucial to any concerted international effort to induce changes in North Korean behavior.

Mark Episkopos

Will Saudi Arabia Be Next To Normalize Relations with Israel? (The National Interest)

Riyadh will benefit from Abu Dhabi’s boldness as a trailblazer. It will have the chance to gauge how the region and the Arab world react.

Marco Túlio Lara

Why China Is Trying to Copy Japan’s Old Political Plan for Declaring Primacy in Asia (The National Interest)

Beijing’s primal desire to exact revenge on its neighbors is not only destabilizing global security but has no benefit that would justify its undertakings beyond nationalist self-satisfaction.

Patrick MendisJoey Wang

China Is Interfering in the 2020 Election. Beijing Wants Trump to Lose (The National Interest)

Democratic Party leaders and most mainstream media figures have continued to minimize or ignore the implications of the intelligence community’s assessments of Beijing’s behavior.

Ted Galen Carpenter


South Korea’s First Stealth Fighter is Rolling Off Assembly Lines (The National Interest)

One complete, Seoul’s KF-X fighter will make South Korea just the Second Asian country to indigenously design and build a stealth fighter.

Caleb Larson

The U.S. Navy’s Seawolf Submarine Just Sent a Message to Russia (The National Interest)

Though the Seawolves were originally intended to hunt down Soviet surface ships and other submarines, they’re still relevant today. Here’s what the lead of the class just did.

Caleb Larson