Coronavirus: AI is poised to fuel growth but who is leading the charge? (The National, WEF)

The US has a large lead in attracting top-tier researchers while Dubai is carving out a niche in the region as a testbed

Kelsey Warner

Utilities need to invest up to $43 trillion by 2060 as electricity demand expected to double (LeAnne Graves, The National)

Companies will need to invest between US$35 trillion to $43tn until 2060 to meet rising energy needs as the global power market shifts away fossil fuels, energy experts said.

Gas industry has a great story to tell – but doesn’t (Robin Mills, The National, Brookings)

Fracking for natural gas does not enjoy good press: 53 per cent of Americans oppose it, only slightly better than the 57 per cent who are against despised coal mining. The United Kingdom’s opposition Labour Party has pledged to ban fracking in the (unlikely) event it wins power. The industry is delivering more gas at lower prices than ever before, but it is losing the battle for public opinion. And it does not seem to care.

Real challenge of the Algiers agreement will be deciding who cuts back (Robin Mills, The National, Brookings)

After April’s debacle in Doha, Opec countries will be relieved that last week’s meetings passed without a battle of Algiers. Instead, they reached an unexpected agreement on limiting production. But it will take diplomatic mastery to turn this deal into a full accord with a real impact on oil markets at its congress in Vienna in November.