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Russia, Turkey may sign cooperation program in January 2017 – Russian minister

Bill on expansion of Crimea’s free economic zone to be submitted to State Duma
Trump thinks US and Russia should team up to fight Islamic State

Kremlin says preparations for Normandy Four meeting underway

Kremlin continues preparations for Putin’s visit to Paris

Saudi energy minister says oil price will reach $60 per barrel by end of 2016

Should Europe Abandon Its Migrant Deal with Turkey? (Jill Goldenziel, Carl Hvenmark, The National Interest)

The EU must not allow itself to be bullied by an increasingly tyrannical Turkey.

Saudi-Turkish ties amount to a major strategic realignment in the Middle East (John C. Hulsman, Al Arabiya)

If you are dealing with rational actors (which is surely not always the case) global geopolitics is a bit like high math; there are routinized equations – strategic moves on the map – that just make logical, irrefutable sense. The recent visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Ankara heralds a possibly decisive strategic counter-stroke to rising Iranian adventurism in the Middle East. Enduring, closer Saudi-Turkish ties provide political balance to Iran’s growing ambitions, amounting to nothing less than the nascent formation of a competing strategic bloc in the region.