Navigating the Storms at the UN Security Council (ICG)

Tensions are mounting among the permanent five members of the UN Security Council. After a series of rows over the Middle East, and with further disputes on the horizon, the five should convene a September summit as proposed by France and Russia to contain their differences.

Richard Gowan

UN Security Council to hear briefing from Kushner on controversial Mideast peace plan (Global Times)

The Security Council will hear a briefing behind closed doors from Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, on the US-proposed Middle East peace plan on Thursday, the council president said Monday.

Three Troubling Trends at the UN Security Council (International Crisis Group)

China and the West are increasingly at loggerheads in Turtle Bay. So are European capitals and Washington. The handling of African crises is contentious as well. Amid these frictions, it is the job of UN diplomats to keep channels for quiet communication up and running.

Richard Gowan