Parties’ rift shows US political system is on the decline (Global Times)

The glory days of the US political system are tumbling down. A vote carried out by the US House of Representatives on Tuesday revealed once again how strong the smell of gunpowder is between Republicans and Democrats. As ex-Republican congressman Justin Amash, who quit the Republican Party earlier this month, said, “Our politics is in a partisan death spiral.”

By Ai Jun

US-Europe relations struggle as unilateralist diplomacy thwarts progress (Global Times)

US-Europe relations have taken another turn for the worse. Kim Darroch resigned on July 10 as the British ambassador to the US, because of leaked documents in which he said US President Donald Trump and his administration are “inept” and “dysfunctional.” On the same day, Washington announced it would launch a Section 301 investigation into France’s digital tax service.

By Sun Chenghao

US Navy’s new ‘cruiser’: changing the game? (IISS)

In the new, more contested maritime domain, the United States Navy has hinted that the new design of its future Large Surface Combatant will resemble the Zumwalt-class large destroyers. But given technology trends, the US Navy may end up looking for a different balance of platforms to sustain current capabilities, Nick Childs argues.

Nick Childs


Iran’s FM urges US to stop selling arms to rogue states (IRNA)

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Wednesday condemned the US policies in support of aggressors, arguing that Iran as a victim of such policies had no choice but to develope their own defense capacities.

China’s sanctions to show teeth to US firms (Global Times)

The Chinese foreign ministry said on Friday that China will impose sanctions on US firms selling weapons to the island of Taiwan. The announcement made a splash in the US. A US State Department spokesperson said on Monday it will “closely monitor any actions that would unfairly disadvantage US firms” while tried to find excuses for the arms sale to the island.