The US Withdrawal from the INF Treaty Will Be Implemented (Valdai Discussion Club)

“The visit of John Bolton to Moscow attracted attention in connection with the announcement of possible US withdrawal from the INF Treaty. This is undoubtedly an important decision that will have major consequences for Russia, for the European security, and for strategic stability. There was a lot of talk about this, the debates will continue, but it is important to note that this issue was not the only one that was discussed during Bolton’s talks in Moscow. Moreover, it seems that there were no negotiations about the INF treaty, at least the detailed ones,” Andrei Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), said in an interview to

Andrey Kortunov

New Cold War: NATO Washes the Car (Valdai Discussion Club)

For many years, it has been a standard trope of liberal writing on hostilities between nations and ethnicities that these are not rooted either in inherited conflicts or real contemporary clashes of interest but are rather “constructed” by wicked political elites to serve their own political and economic ends.

Anatol Lieven