Turkey’s New Natural Gas Discovery and Its Implications (Valdai Discussion Club)

On August 21, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the discovery of sizeable gas reserves of 320 bcm by the Tuna-1 well in the Sakarya Gas Field, located around 170 kilometres offshore in the Black Sea. As the estimates are preliminary, according to Turkish officials there could be an upward revision in the estimate, stressing the efficiency of the work being carried out.


Gulmira Rzayeva

The Phenomenon of Scared Voters in the United States (Valdai Discussion Club)

The toxic information environment has created a cognitive effect, where political moderates on all sides, are now increasingly seen and treated as the ‘new’ radicals. The use of the Russia Gate narrative to scare American voters from Trump and towards the Democratic Party presidential candidate will only be effective if the voter segments hold like-minded value-normative based/informed worldviews, writes Greg Simons, Associate Professor at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), Uppsala University, Sweden.


‘Scared Majority’: Is There a Chance for Donald Trump to Win? (Valdai Discussion Club)

Trumps electoral stance is not as disastrous as the Democrats say, but overall it is indeed weaker than it was four years ago. In addition, today his opponents treat him with great attention and seriousness, and direct more resources and energy to ensuring that he doesnt get a second term in office, Valdai Club expert Maxim Suchkov writes.




The Crisis in Belarus and Its International Dimension (Valdai Discussion Club)

The historical advantage of the Belarusian authorities has been the desire to keep the political initiative. However, a major mistake was made during the election campaign  the  initiative was misused. The ideology of a besieged fortress was chosen again, this time besieged allegedly by Russia, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Andrey Sushentsov.


The Concept of EU Resilience in the Pandemic Era (Valdai Discussion Club)

Resilience has become a new way of promoting the value agenda, allowing the EU to maintain its position as a source of regulatory borrowing and mentor, especially for neighbours and underdeveloped countries, writes Valdai Club expert Tatiana Romanova.