China is waking up to data protection and privacy. Here’s why that matters (WEF)

In September 2019, China had its own version of the FaceApp privacy storm. Using artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques, the Zao app allowed users to swap faces with celebrities in movies or TV shows. It went viral as a tool for creating deepfakes, but concerns soon arose as people noticed that Zao’s user agreement gave the app the global rights to use any image or video created on the platform for free.

 – Adjunct Professor, New York University

4 ways sporting events are becoming more sustainable (WEF)

When it comes to fighting climate change, large sporting events have struggled to win any prizes. Fans travelling to just one European Cup match this year are estimated to have generated nearly 5,600 tonnes of CO2.

 – Senior Writer, Formative Content

The majority of people at risk from sea level rise live in just 8 countries – and they’re all in Asia (WEF)

Before today, sea level rise and flooding were already forecast to wreak havoc for millions now and in the coming decades. Now, the story looks much worse – three times worse, to be precise. According to new research, hundreds of millions more people are already at risk from climate breakdown-caused coastal flooding and sea level rise than previously thought. And by the end of the century, large swathes of the coastal land we live on today could be unihabitable – even with immediate and deep emissions cuts.

 – Research Fellow, Solent University

How tech can help businesses balance profit and purpose (WEF)

With the US administration turning its back on the Paris Climate Agreement, demands for corporate climate leadership are mounting. At a time when executives should be filling the leadership gap, too many CEOs continue to be trapped by short-term, profit-only thinking.

 – President, Environmental Defense Fund

Australia’s unpredictable weather is causing drought. This is how it’s linked to climate change (WEF)

The issue of whether Australia’s current drought is caused by climate change has been seized on by some media commentators, with debate raging over a remark from eminent scientist Andy Pitman that “there is no link between climate change and drought”. Professor Pitman has since qualified, he meant to say “there is no direct link between climate change and drought”.

Sydney is threatened for the first time as ‘catastrophic’ bush fires rage (WEF)

Authorities declared a state of emergency across a broad swath of Australia’s east coast on Monday, urging residents in high risk areas to evacuate ahead of looming “catastrophic” fire conditions.

From start-up to scale: This is how governments can accelerate innovation and build inclusive economies (WEF)

Innovation is at the heart of economic growth and job creation. It can transform productivity and efficiency and address many of the world’s longstanding and emerging challenges, such as climate change, health, education and social inclusiveness.