Video: Vice President Pence Delivers Inaugural Frederic V. Malek Public Service Leadership Lecture (Wilson Center)

Vice President Michael R. Pence delivered the inaugural Frederic V. Malek Public Service Leadership Lecture on the future of the relationship between the United States and China.

U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Will Endanger Kurds, Arabs, Christians (Wilson Center)

Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria will embolden our adversaries, including Iran, Russia and Syrian leader Bashar al Assad, and weaken and betray our Kurdish and Arab partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Amy Austin Holmes

Pakistan Selects a New Leader (Wilson Center)

In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we discuss Pakistan’s recent election with Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director of the Wilson Center’s Asia Program. He provides analysis on how the country’s next prime minister, Imran Khan, could shape relations with the United States and India.

Sixty-Five Years Later, Korean War Veterans’ Families Are Still Looking for Their Loved Ones (The New Yorker, Wilson Center)

In 2006, after waiting fifty-three years for James O’Meara to come home, his five surviving siblings—there had been ten—decided it was time to place a gravestone for their brother at Arlington National Cemetery. “The boys said we should have something official while a few of us were still living,” his eighty-five-year-old sister, Noreen Loper, told me. They arranged for a simple white cross with O’Meara’s name on it. They had no body to bury in 2006, however. They still don’t.

Optics, Then Disappointment: Trump Can’t Deliver Much to Putin (Wilson Center)

The chummy joint news conference of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in Helsinki seemed to suggest that the Russian president had scored a major victory over his U.S. counterpart in their one-on-one meeting on July 17. Indeed, the optics could go a long way toward fulfilling Putin’s purposes: he badly wants the Kremlin to be seen as the White House’s equal on the world stage.

Anna Arutunyan

What Does Imran Khan’s Victory Mean? (Wilson Center)

Imran Khan may be a national hero for his cricket exploits, but as a politician, he is a polarizing figure. So, his election victory will mean very different things to many different people. For his supporters, his triumph offers resounding proof that there is a “third way” in Pakistani politics — that a civilian leader not linked to family dynasties or older and established parties can rise to the very top. For his detractors, his victory represents a soft coup led by a Pakistani military determined to bring its preferred candidate to power.

Farm Labor and Mexico’s Export Produce Industry (Wilson Center)

Recent news articles have highlighted incidents of forced labor, debt peonage, and poor conditions of some internal Mexican migrants employed on farms that grow produce for U.S. consumers.  NGO Polaris suggested that several hundred thousand workers in Mexico could be in forced labor situations, including in agriculture.