Thailand’s ASEAN Chairmanship at Midterm: Three Key Issues to Watch After the 34th ASEAN Summit (RSIS)

ASEAN is faced with severe internal and external tests. And considering the tremendous domestic political change as well as regional tensions and uncertainties, 2019, Thailand’s ASEAN Chairmanship year, was always going to be tumultuous for the country and the association. Against this backdrop, the Thai chair concluded the 34th ASEAN Summit with some degree of success. This report assesses the Thai ASEAN Chairmanship at its mid-term, by evaluating both the domestic context of the 34th ASEAN Summit and three key issues that emerged from it. It comes to the conclusion that despite manifold challenges, the association is making some laudable progress. And yet, immediate deliverables should not detract from the need for sustainable long-term progress.

Frederick Kliem

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