The Global Eye and Link Campus University launch the appeal “The existence of Europe”

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The existence of Europe – A free appeal


We, the European citizens are committed to the future of Europe and are living in a situation of clear disparity between the objectives and the effectiveness of the tools put in place to overcome the emergency of COVID 19.

In the absence of both solidarity and of a political agenda for Europe, we feel powerless.

Faced with the emergency of COVID 19, Europe is called to radical choices
This emergency poses a threat to the very existence of “our” Union.

Together with the health dimension of COVID 19, there are deep social and economic consequences that necessitate a joint response.

Time has come to show clarity and consistency in the behavior of all European institutions and of their representatives. In such a dramatic moment, we, the European citizens, cannot accept delays, contradictions in the decision-making process and a lack of public statements.

We stand by the position recently expressed by the Italian President Sergio Mattarella and by other European Heads of State.

The political dream of Europe, immortalized in the actions of the Founding Fathers, is at risk of being shattered by the European institutions’ lack of action and by the Member States’ refusal to create a common front to tackle the current crisis.

All European institutions, as the voices of the European people, are called to a common responsibility. As such, we really appreciate the European Commission’s pronouncement on the suspension of the European Stability Pact.

This free appeal, extended to all of those who care about the common destiny of Europe, attempts to give a strong signal of  concern which can be accompanied by sectoral debates and in-depth analyzes.

The emergency that all of us are experiencing cannot be a source of separation. Instead, it must produce a clear turning point to rethink what it means to be a “European”. Politicians, together with men and women of culture and science, must act promptly.

The existence of Europe as a “community”, as well as the social cohesion of its countries, are at stake. Since the European states cannot win alone, only a European dimension can overcome this critical moment and, above all, transmit positive and common messages for the future, together with a clear and shared plan to relaunch our economies and restore sustainable relations between the European Institutions, the Member States and us the people.

The danger lies in a gap between our conscience of citizens and Institutions acting as standing above us.

The approach declared by the new Commission after the recent European elections, as well as intentions expressed by some Governments, seems to go in the right direction.

Ultimately, effective action is needed.

Aware that appeals are not enough, convinced of our ideas, we are collecting proactive contributions that can give the sense of our positions and that will be published as they become available.

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