The High Seas: Operating within the Global Commons (WEF)

Almost half of the planet and nearly 70% of the global ocean lie beyond national jurisdiction, commonly known as the high seas. These vast open ocean areas and deep-sea environments are some of the least explored areas on the planet and yet essential in sustaining life on Earth. If properly managed, these areas will offer a unique solution to address challenges such as climate change, human health, food security, equitable economic development, among others. The high seas and the international seabed belong to no single nation and are part of the global commons for which we all share responsibility.

To date only 1% of these areas are protected, while growing threats such as overfishing, , climate change, shipping, pollution and potentially mining, are putting these areas and the life they host at risk, undermining the health and resilience of the ocean as a whole. How can we collectively address and prevent such risks, and unleash the potential of these global commons to solve some of the greatest challenges we face?

Speakers: Diva Amon, Jyotika Virmani, Janine Elizabeth Coye-Felson, Peter Thomson, Isabel Hilton, Richard Stavis

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