The Messy Reality of Corruption in Angola Goes Beyond the ‘Luanda Leaks’ (World Politics Review)

A recently released trove of more than 700,000 leaked documents illuminate the shocking extent of corruption and kleptocracy in Angola. The files, known as the Luanda Leaks and published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and dozens of partner media outlets, detail how the country’s former first daughter, Isabel dos Santos, abused her power for personal gain, amassing a fortune estimated at $2.2 billion and earning her the title of “Africa’s richest woman.” Dos Santos, who splits her time mostly between London and Dubai, allegedly exploited positions of influence given to her by her father, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, before he finally stepped down as president in 2017 after nearly four decades in power.

Soren Kirk Jensen is the director of Independent Policy Analysis (IPA), an independent consultancy specializing in public financial management and political economy issues in Lusophone Africa

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