The New Urgency of Global Tech Governance (Project-Syndicate)

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the diffusion of digital technologies, international rules and standards governing data urgently need to catch up. The more that policymaking remains stuck at the national level, the fewer benefits the Fourth Industrial Revolution will yield.

Landry Signé, a professor and co-director at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a distinguished fellow at Stanford University, a World Economic Forum young global leader, and the author, most recently, of Unlocking Africa’s Business Potential. – Mark Esposito, a co-founder of Nexus FrontierTech, has held appointments and fellowships at the Hult International Business School, Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Arizona State University, where he co-directs the 4IR Research Initiative at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is the co-author, most recently, of The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation. – Sanjeev Khagram is Dean and Director-General at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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