Will the US Revert to ‘Just Like in Grandma’s Time’ Again? (Valdai Discussion Club)

Donald Trump’s opponents persist in their delusion that his arrival to power was an accident, and if they manage to throw him out of office, history will resume its natural course, and everything will be just like in grandma’s time again. The United States continues its descent into a deep system-wide crisis that in some ways is reminiscent of the developments in the last days of the Soviet Union, especially in terms of the disdain demonstrated by the Washington elite toward the vast majority of the American people. Should the elite further refuse to recognize how serious the crisis has become, and if they will not acquiesce to curtail their ambition and search for compromise, it will be disastrous for the United States and the rest of the world, argues Andrei Korobkov, Professor of political science at Middle Tennessee State University.


Andrei Korobkov

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